Bernard Leguille

Team spirit and the spirit of enterprise

Over the years, Beauvallet has taken on an international dimension. There are two reasons behind this: firstly, our desire to meet our customers’ expectations and secondly, our ability to put together teams who know how to combine a feeling for the soil and a taste for innovation.

A strong relationship with our customers - proof of mutual trust

I must point out here that the relationship with our customers is fundamental, even the foundation for our work, and I prefer to call it a partnership. It is thanks to this that we can progress and build a lasting relationship. Furthermore, whilst we affirm that “meat is our trade”, I would add that this is the heart of our trade and our passion.

Whether this involves going to the market, abattoir or workshop, words and gestures familiar to me evoke a trade which I love. This, on a practical level, is the same for most of our collaborators, who draw on rich know-how acquired on the ground and strong experience which is constantly being updated.

This is why Beauvallet today has a dozen sites in France and worldwide. This is the best way to be close to our customers, to serve them well and ensure the availability of efficient logistics.

Beauvallet as a whole is an undertaking on a human scale. I guarantee this personally, surrounded by my team. I congratulate them on this commitment and would like to thank each of our customers for their renewed trust.



Chairman and Managing Director.